Patrol Officer

at Saddlebrooke One
Location Tucson, Arizona
Date Posted July 7, 2021
Category Admin
Job Type Part-time


To execute all directives issued by the Sr. Patrol Officers, Patrol Manager, General Manager, or the Board of Directors as pertains, but is not limited to, the SaddleBrooke One Rules and Regulations, Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s), and/or other relevant policies and procedures. To capably carryout any/all shifts including, weekend, holiday and special Duty as assigned, in accordance with the SaddleBrooke One Patrol Department documents.

Education, Experience, and Licensure Requirements:
 High School Diploma
 Possession of a drivers license in good standing with the State of Arizona and must be able to be covered under the Association’s auto policy.
 Basic computer knowledge, including keyboarding skills and knowledge of MS Office.
Essential Functions:
 As a member of the Patrol team observe and report in any incidents relating to the Patrol Department, the SaddleBrooke Community and its resident’s in regards to issues of Safety and/or Security as described in accordance with the Patrol Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual.
 Conduct oneself in a professional manner when on duty.
 Be alert and observe the security and status of all SaddleBrooke One Facility’s and/or Common Properties.
 Learn to operate Patrol One’s smart phone, camera and computer.
 Have full understanding of the Patrol Key Control System and support the Sr. Patrol Officer in responsibility for, and physical accountability of, all SaddleBrooke One Facility Keys in the possession of the Patrol Duty Officer and in the key box.
 Use the Patrol duty computer, including timeclock software and Patrol secure database system.
 Stay current, knowledgeable and capable of demonstrating the operation of all patrol equipment.
 Know which equipment needs scheduled maintenance and when. Inform Sr. Officer/Patrol Manager when maint. is required.
 Enforce the community rules and regulations specifically as applies to all wheeled vehicles.
 Be prepared to assist or conduct traffic control on an as needed basis.
 Clarify, as/if needed, any questions for Shift Officers prior to them conducting shift duties.
 Read and follow any specific instructions written in the Pass Down Log kept in the Officers office and to assist new Officers as needed.
 Read and be aware of the Duty Officers Shift Log Book, kept in the Duty Vehicle, and emphasize to new Officers the need to read prior to commencing shift duties.
 Treat Patrol Departmental documents, reports, records, key system and/or any/all information which may pertain to SaddleBrooke One Departments and/or any/all Association Facilities in strict CONFIDENCE.
 Attend and participate in all scheduled patrol training sessions and monthly patrol meetings.
 Accept responsibility for acquiring information discussed during a missed training session or patrol meeting.
 Schedule, attend, and successfully complete the training on both models of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) and any updates on Resuscitation Techniques, within thirty (30) days of becoming a member of Patrol One.
 Maintain a valid Arizona drivers license.
 Exercise a heightened sense of alertness/awareness when responding to any situation, regardless as to how “routine” it has always been in the past, and do not perform any task or let any circumstance jeopardize your personal safety or place you at risk.

Created: 11/10
Revised: 02/17
 Other duties as assigned

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